Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teen Gathering

Come one, come all!!!

Come to Girard Bible Church

on Thursday, March 3rd

for a time of fun and games.

Time:  6:30-9:00pm

We are going to be able to use the kitchen, the gym, and the high school room which has ping pong,
foosball, pool, music, Wii games, and other things.  Should be lots of fun! 

Bring a snack to share!
Bring your favorite game to play!


From Pittsburg: 
Go North on Highway 69 through Frontenac heading towards Franklin.  At the intersection of Hwy 69 and Hwy 47 (there is a traffic light here), turn left heading West on Hwy 47, and go all the way into Girard (about 7or 8 miles) to the 4-way stop.  At the 4-way stop in Girard, turn right heading North on Summit (this is also Hwy 7).  You will go about 3 blocks and then you will come to a kind of "Y" in the road.  At the "Y", you will want to turn left onto Northern Ave.  Be aware that you will be crossing a lane of oncoming traffic when you go left at the "Y", so just be careful.  The oncoming traffic does not have to stop.  Follow this road around the curve, and the church will be the second driveway on the right side of the road.  It is a long white building with a gravel parking lot.  You will want to park towards the North end of the lot where the big bus is parked, as the door you will be using will be on that end.

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