Friday, July 15, 2011



August is just around the corner!

With its entry, comes a new school year

and a new year to be a part of 


Our start-up meeting will be at Rene's house
again this year.  Thank you, Rene and Family!

For the group's success,
it is CRITICAL that as many members come
to this beginning meeting as possible.

Monday, August 22nd  at  6:30pm

This event is for the WHOLE family.

Dads will need to watch the kiddos
during the planning portion of the meeting.

Potluck Dinner:

Please bring

a main dish

a vegetable


a dessert.

Rene will be providing table service.

Bring your calendars to plan
for this year's events.

We will need to schedule as many ideas as possible, as clearly as possible in order to insure a worthwhile year for all.

You can help make this successful by coming prepared with ideas and by helping to keep the conversation limited to this venture during the planning part of our meeting.  (Let's try to stay off the bunny trails as much as possible!!!)

Be praying about your family's needs and ideas of what our group could do to fulfill those needs and what  your role in helping those ideas come to life can be.

Specifically be praying about how the group will function next year and for new leadership to step up.  Pray about whether or not you might have a part to play in that. 

I plan to step down from coordination of activities and from information dissemination.  I have decided to cut back on some of my activities outside the home.  I will do my part to organize a few specific activities as a 
participating mother.

Thank you all, and I look forward to
seeing you on the 22nd of August.


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