Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April Events

THURSDAY, APRIL 8TH    1:30-3:30pm  Girard Bible Church, Girard, KS

The rug making is primarily going to be for the older students w/ Rondi as the facilitator.  And I would guess mostly girls to be interested in that.  The older boys should bring a length of rope to practice knot making and a tie to learn tying techniques.  (They should look up some instructions on each and bring them with them for figuring it out together.)  Amy suggested a weaving paper craft for the younger children (5-11 yrs.) who want to try weaving but may find the real thing too difficult.  She will bring construction paper.  Also, Rondi said this age might like to try making 'friendship bracelets' out of embroidery thread.  She will bring some embroidery thread.  If you have extra, please bring some too.  I have some cut and create books young children can try--age 3 to 5 or so.

If crafting loses their attention, Amy thinks learning Foursquare would be fun.  Or we could bring a few balloons for the children to play keep away or keep afloat with.  If it's nice out, bubbles might be fun.  There's also outside games like red light/green light and red rover, etc.  The older boys can bring Stratego or Chess or balls whatever is interesting to them.

So...we need some items.  If you have them and are willing to donate, please reply:
   embroidery thread (as already mentioned)
   (and safety pins, if I remember correctly)
    glue and scissors
    bubbles and wands
    package of balloons
    foursquare ball
    cups and drinks for the participants

Directions from Pittsburg:

Go North on Highway 69 through Frontenac heading towards Franklin.  At the intersection of Hwy 69 and Hwy 47 (there is a traffic light here), turn left heading West on Hwy 47, and go all the way into Girard (about 7or 8 miles) to the 4-way stop.  At the 4-way stop in Girard, turn right heading North on Summit (this is also Hwy 7).  You will go about 3 blocks and then you will come to a kind of "Y" in the road.  At the "Y", you will want to turn left onto Northern Ave.  Be aware that you will be crossing a lane of oncoming traffic when you go left at the "Y", so just be careful.  The oncoming traffic does not have to stop.  Follow this road around the curve, and the church will be the second driveway on the right side of the road.  It is a long white building with a gravel parking lot.  You will want to park towards the North end of the lot where the big bus is parked, as the door you will be using will be on that end.  I will have a sign or streamers or something hanging on the door you can use to enter the building.



Mom's Meeting   7:00-9:00pm
Location:  Rene Woods' Home

7:00-7:30pm   Prayer Requests and Prayer---Facilitated by Rene
7:30-8:00pm   Snacks & Discussion---Facilitated by Janice
                      -"Why do you homeschool?" (Inquiring minds want to know!)
                      -Share your favorite money saving tip.
8:00-8:30pm   Curriculum Idea Sharing---Focus Math---Facilitated by Robin
8:30-9:00pm   Planning Teams---Facilitated by Lezlie


THURSDAY, APRIL 22ND    1:30-3:30PM

Field Trips:

Laughing Rooster Farm---primarily children 11 and under.  (See google site for details.)

Randy's Auto Repair---boys 12 and older---taking apart a transmission and talking about how it works.
  Boys must be able to pay attention and follow directions.  Remember, this is a working shop and needs to be respected.
  The boys must remain in the shop.  With the parole office there, the area is not conducive to kids running around.
  A great opportunity for the boys and if their dads are able to go, even better. 
  Please make plans to be prompt in picking them up by 3:30pm.



SHEM HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION  (shemonline.org) in Springfield, MO.

Early Registration Due by April 16th.  Individual Pass $15; Couple Pass $30

Becky Pryer and Lezlie Lindsey are attending.  If any of you are interested, let Becky know A.S.A.P.  If enough go, it may be that carpooling and sharing hotel costs will be possible, depending on the needs of individual families.  Hotel cost right now is $115/room.  It is within walking distance!!!

There is a 'Teen Track' for ages 13-18 hosted by Jeff Baldwin of Worldview Academy ($12/teen).

There is a full agenda at their website.  Some excellent well-known speakers will be there, like Dr. Jay Wile (Apologia Science) and Dr. Susan Wise Bauer.


PLEASE email me and let me know which event(s) you will be attending (or not) so that I can have an idea who to expect for planning reasons.  THANK YOU in advance!


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